school lunches, kids eating lunchA lot can happen in 25 days. No, I’m not talking about the fact you’re able to lose 15 pounds by just taking that pill you saw on late night television. In 25 days, we’ve raised $4,349.93. In 25 days, we’ve paid off the late/delinquent accounts of four schools. In 25 days, we’ve…well…proved that paying it forward is more than just an idea talked about on blogs and social media. In 25 days, we proved actions speak louder than words. And wow, have we acted.

Making it rain lunches.

Lakeside Elementary’s check cleared today, and Weston and Grassy Creek’s were delivered last week. School #4 will be delivered today or tomorrow, and the money is still pouring in and we’re still paying it forward. I’m a competitive person. Truth be told, when I started all of this I wanted to “beat” my friend Cheyane and turn her 11 accounts into 11 schools. I’m not proud of the fact I have an inner voice that wants to “beat” someone even in giving or paying it forward. But it’s who I am, and well, you are who you are.

That drive is almost a blessing in disguise though, especially in situations like this. The more I strive to win, the more it helps the kids. The more I need to go above and beyond, the more it motivates or inspires others to do the same. Sometimes leading is by example, and I couldn’t be more proud of the example we’re setting.

I’ve seen a screen shot of the Feed The Kids, Inc. my friend Nick from Dashal is building. It looks awesome. The website will be a platform that is will activate all of you awesome people that have said to me both publicly and privately, “I want to do that hear for XYZ school, how do I get started Ryan? What would you recommend?” Well, think of Feed The Kids as a mixture of Kickstarter and GoFundMe — allowing you to quickly setup, collect and track a school lunches fundraiser/campaign. We’re even going to allow you to sponsor a kid, anywhere from a semester to a full year — so that every kid eats like a king every day.

Update: Our website is live! Check it out!

Feed The Kids : next step.

brown bag lunch, lunch at school, brown bagging itI have a goal of having every kid in America in school eating the same lunch, every day, and never having to worry about the stigma of the brown bag lunch. We are in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status for Feed The Kids, Inc. When that goal is realized, we hope to get businesses and corporations involved in our grand plans of paying it forward.

Donations are still pouring in, and I don’t see any end is sight. Which is a very humbling and awesome thing. You people are all rockstars in my book. I am walking into school #5 today and asking them for what their total is, so we have our next goal to shoot for. Let’s keep paying it forward, the kids deserve it.