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Family comes first: Getting Karter a job on the West Coast

So I’ve got a pretty smart cousin. His name is Karter Harmon. He just graduated with his Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) from the Indiana University School of Public Environmental Affairs (SPEA). Dude got his masters in five years. Five. His GPA in undergrad was 3.87, masters program it was 3.75. Needles to say, he’s […]

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My Top 21 Memories of Why I Love My Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is a day of celebration on half of the parties involved that created you. So yea, creation is a big deal. But me being a guy, Father’s Day obviously means just a little more because boys are more attached to their father’s. The whole idea of being like your dad, […]

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Announcement: J.C. Hart’s new Digital Marketing Specialist

I’ve privately told a few people already, but I’m ready to make it official (like a referee with a whistle or gangster with a pistol)! Last week I accepted a job with J.C. Hart as its Digital Marketing Specialist. I start on Thursday, and I couldn’t be more amped! A journey that started in January […]

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