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4 up 4 down : Brookview’s balance bites the dust

School #4, put it on the board! We just paid off Brookview’s lunch account balance of $1,650.00. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d get Lakeside’s balance paid in-full, let alone add Westfield, Grassy Creek and now Brookview. #PayItForward #FeedTheKids #RAKE alllllllllll over delinquent lunch account’s FACE! The principal was dancing and the […]

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$4,349.93 Reasons Paying it Forward Works | #payitforward #feedthekids [Update]

A lot can happen in 25 days. No, I’m not talking about the fact you’re able to lose 15 pounds by just taking that pill you saw on late night television. In 25 days, we’ve raised $4,349.93. In 25 days, we’ve paid off the late/delinquent accounts of four schools. In 25 days, we’ve…well…proved that paying […]

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Update: 3 school’s down, platform + website in the works, and more… #payitforward #feedthekids

UPDATE: Grassy Creek is now in the paid column! We’re onto school #4, Anna Brochhausen School 88 – Indianapolis Public Schools. So a lot has happened since April 11th. In under two weeks, we’ve raised $2,889.02. We’ve paid off one school’s entire late/delinquent lunch account balances (Lakeside Elementary, $1,700.00), collected enough to pay off another […]

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