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Vine: Welcome to the Next Generation of Advertisements

Now I understand what you’re thinking…wow, those are awfully big words for a company that is barely two weeks old. Twitter unveiled Vine, an app for iPhone and iPod devices that lets anyone create and share 6-second looping videos. The same way that Instagram burst onto the scene two years ago, Vine is following that same wow-factor entrance. Ad agencies everywhere have been put on notice: there is a new sheriff in town on how digital media advertisements should be created. And you have 6 seconds to grab my attention.
My friend Ann Handley of MarketingProfs had a really great blog explaining Vine as: Stupid, Simple, Brilliant. I couldn’t have agreed more, and I think she hit the nail on the head as to why content creation tools that are both intuitive and flexible scale and scale quickly:
1.     Stupid-simple in design.
2.     Dumb-brilliant in their constraints.
3.     Foolproof-flexible enough to have broad application.

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My 10 Professional Goals for 2013

I’m riding one hell of a wave of hard work + good fortune + successes over the last 7 months, and I want to continue to have those dominos fall in 2013. Here is a list of my 10 professional goals for 2013. They are in no particular order. These are actionable, obtainable, and hustleable. 

Update: As I was sitting here rereading my goals and going over my goal sheets, I realized I’m spreading myself too thin. I was in the middle of reworking it when a friend commented and another emailed me. I knew my hunch was correct. Goals have been revised.

Goal 1: Create a daily/monthly/yearly blog calendar and KEEP UP with it — NO dropped balls. I’ve said 10+ times now publicly (via this blog, Twitter, Facebook, other blogs) AND privately (to myself, to-do lists, conversations with mentors) that I was going to blog more. I mean, I have so many friends who are ridiculously good bloggers and the kicker: they don’t have any more time than I do (in most cases less). Here are all the places you can find a blog or two of mine at in 2013: V3 Integrated Marketing, SiliconANGLE, Spin Sucks, MarketingTechBlog, TheCommunityManger, EverythingPR, ArCompany [link coming], ExactTarget, Fierce-Loyalty,, Kristen Nicole’s stealth news start-up [link coming], and of course, my own blog.


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