Ryan Cox The Indianapolis Star, Indy Star, #payitforward #feedthekidsThe last 3+ days have been pretty awesome for #FeedTheKids #PayItForward. Feed The Kids, Inc. had lost a lot of steam because I had wained a bunch on my marketing/pr outreach. #ryanfail So on Tuesday morning I tweeted at my friend Dana Benbow. Well then, as they say in the biz, thaaaangs got poppin’!  Let me catch you up:

  • Shari Rudavsky covered our story on IndyStar.com (h/t Dana)
  • USAToday.com picks up the coverage too (h/t Shari)
  • Cover of the Indianapolis Star paper (Indy 500, Pacers vs. Heat and then me – h/t Jason M.)
  • Rachel Bogel of Radio NOW 100.9 Kyle & Rachel morning show reaches out to have me on their show next week
  • Indiana Fever reach out and setup meeting to discuss doing a ticket night promotion to raise money for #FeedTheKids
  • Facebook (the communications team) sees story and calls to discuss the story + additional PR and exposure opportunities (h/t Carolyn)
  • Zach Adamson (City-County Councillor, At Large Indianapolis Marion County City-County Council) contacts me to setup to do a council resolution recognizing the cause
  • WeCareCard.com reaches out to have us run a portion of the fundraising on their platform (h/t Katharine)

It’s been a pretty crazy last 90 hours. We’re up to over $5,543.87 raised. Website is 2-3 weeks away. First #FeedTheKids #PayItForward t-shirt design is finalized and in production. 501(c)(3) paperwork will be filed on Tuesday.

I could have never imagine that a simple Facebook post would lead to anything like this. Thank you for everything you’ve done in support — from donations to sharing the message. You amazing people are the reason this ‘thing’ is primed to take off. I’m just the guy that got it started…

Milana Vayntrub, Grant Hill, Instagram, #feedthekidsP.S: I saw an Instagram post from Milana Vayntrub where she challenged people to find like 3 hours a month to do something kind for your community. I told her to checkout my #feedthekids thing, kinda doin’ big thangs! She told me to tweet her…so as soon as this posts, I will.

P.S.S: If Feed The Kids had the #1 pick for our basketball team, I couldn’t get to the podium fast enough to take Milana with the first pick. Sorry I’m not sorry Grant Hill.