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Big Thaaaangs Poppin’ | #feedthekids #payitforward

The last 3+ days have been pretty awesome for #FeedTheKids #PayItForward. Feed The Kids, Inc. had lost a lot of steam because I had wained a bunch on my marketing/pr outreach. #ryanfail So on Tuesday morning I tweeted at my friend Dana Benbow. Well then, as they say in the biz, thaaaangs got poppin’!  Let me catch you […]

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Update: 3 school’s down, platform + website in the works, and more… #payitforward #feedthekids

UPDATE: Grassy Creek is now in the paid column! We’re onto school #4, Anna Brochhausen School 88 – Indianapolis Public Schools. So a lot has happened since April 11th. In under two weeks, we’ve raised $2,889.02. We’ve paid off one school’s entire late/delinquent lunch account balances (Lakeside Elementary, $1,700.00), collected enough to pay off another […]

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Because I can… | Activating others to help pay it forward

Update: Here is the link to the WTHR story that ran last night at 11pm. Paying it forward is something I learned at a very young age. My parents raised me in a very strong Christian home, with a belief that can be described in this simple phrase: Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Seems pretty easy doesn’t it? But the simple notion of paying it forward often gets lost. Even the most kind-hearted people are too busy and overwhelmed in their own day to day lives.

I have a routine when I go to Starbucks. I get a venti hot chocolate and an undertow. I don’t like coffee, and the first time I ever really had it at the downtown Starbucks, I spit it out. The barista said she had something for me, and that began my love affair with the undertow. 2 shots of expresso, 2% milk, and I always tell them to “surprise me” with the syrup. $6.43, I know the total with tax of my order by heart.

When I get to the drive-thru window, if there is a car behind me, as I hand him/her my card I always say, “And I’ll pay for theirs too.”


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