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My 10 Professional Goals for 2013

I’m riding one hell of a wave of hard work + good fortune + successes over the last 7 months, and I want to continue to have those dominos fall in 2013. Here is a list of my 10 professional goals for 2013. They are in no particular order. These are actionable, obtainable, and hustleable. 

Update: As I was sitting here rereading my goals and going over my goal sheets, I realized I’m spreading myself too thin. I was in the middle of reworking it when a friend commented and another emailed me. I knew my hunch was correct. Goals have been revised.

Goal 1: Create a daily/monthly/yearly blog calendar and KEEP UP with it — NO dropped balls. I’ve said 10+ times now publicly (via this blog, Twitter, Facebook, other blogs) AND privately (to myself, to-do lists, conversations with mentors) that I was going to blog more. I mean, I have so many friends who are ridiculously good bloggers and the kicker: they don’t have any more time than I do (in most cases less). Here are all the places you can find a blog or two of mine at in 2013: V3 Integrated Marketing, SiliconANGLE, Spin Sucks, MarketingTechBlog, TheCommunityManger, EverythingPR, ArCompany [link coming], ExactTarget, Fierce-Loyalty,, Kristen Nicole’s stealth news start-up [link coming], and of course, my own blog.


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My Thank You Blog of 2012

There are plenty of people I am indebted to and owe so much of my success to through the 29 years of my life, but what I wanted to focus on the people who helped me through what started off as a not-so-great 2012, yet eventually became my most successful professional year ever. This blog post is a collection of short Thank You notes written in one post.

This is my humble attempt at a digital thank you with all of the love, thanks, and gratitude a blog post can muster.


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Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Baaaaack

I need to apologize. I’ve dropped the ball….big time. I got overwhelmed with a bunch of professional and a few personal changes that all seemed to hit me at once, and I let my blog suffer. July 12th I said I was going to fill you in tomorrow. Well, if tomorrow meant 40 days later, let’s do it!

In May an amazing business friend and mentor Shelly Kramer, founder of V3 Integrated Marketing, responded to one of my ‘catch up’ mentee emails with a proposition that can be summed up like this: “I’m a big fan of yours and want to see you succeed. We have an opportunity we’ve been thinking about creating for you, but you’ve gotta start small.” Fast forward over two months and I’m integrated deeply into the V3 team and loving absolutely every day of it. Shelly, Katy, and crew are amazing to work with. I’m doing a lot of blogging too. Have you checked out our Best of the Web weekly series?


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