#payitforward, #feedthekids, Random Acts of KindnessDo you ever sit back and look at something and say, “Man, how did I do that?” Well when I looked at the balance I’ve transferred from PayPal to my bank account this morning, and that was exactly the feeling I got. #payitforward and #feedthekids is already way more successful than I ever dreamed. Why? Because any positive social change is a good thing. And let’s not forget, it’s for the kids!

And here’s the kicker: It’s only been a week. Seven days, today (could it be anymore fitting than it happening on Good Friday?) marks one week since the first donation of $100 by me to just ‘random’ accounts at Lakeside Elementary. Let’s go over the timeline for the last week…and where we are in real-time today! Psst: You can go ahead and donate my by simply clicking here and sending money to ryan@kidslunches.org.

Random Acts of Kindness #payitforward #feedthekids

This all started April 5th when I paid for the Starbucks for the lady behind me. Paying it forward $10.25 at Starbucks, caused Cheyane Bradley and I to start talking about paying it forward and how she had recently paid off 12 random delinquent lunch accounts at her daughters school. My mind was made up. I was going to pay off Lakeside Elementary’s ENTIRE BALANCE of negative + delinquent account balances.

Pay it forward, Starbucks, good deed

Then on April 11th, after going on a field trip with my middle nephew Kameron, as the bus pulled into the school I remember the conversation I had with Cheyane bubbled back up in my head. After saying my goodbyes to the class, #teamryan holla!, I then marched into the cafeteria and paid off $100 worth of random delinquent accounts. That random act of kindness was the fuel that started the fire…

Facebook, pay off delinquent accounts, Pay it forward

brown bag lunch, lunch at school, brown bagging itHere is what happens with delinquent accounts, they still eat, but they eat from a brown sack lunch. It’s usually peanut butter and jelly an apple and a milk (what I’m told). The brown bag is an enigma that no child should have to deal with in a lunchroom, because they aren’t equipped to handle the eyeballs, the questions, the snickering of fellow kids who simply don’t know any better. Kindergarteners, 1st graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders and 4th graders aren’t equipped with the tools necessary to not wonder why that kid doesn’t have a blue tray with pizza, applesauce, cookie and chocolate milk. Some kids refuse to eat, simply because they don’t want to have the brown bag. That is what devastated me. There were some kids who cried and then refused to eat. THAT is what motivated me to do something about it.

I had a few donations trickle in from people who saw my status update on Facebook that Friday, April 11th, but the next donation didn’t come through my PayPal account until Tuesday April 15th (Tax Day, ha!) when I wrote this blog post: Because I can… | Activating others to help pay it forward and truly put a stake in the ground for my goal. That is win the love, compassion and $money$ to #payitforward started pouring in.

It was all downhill from there…#payitforward

Then my new friend Jennie Runevitch and an old golfing buddy Joel Clausen from WTHR-Channel 13 saw my post picking of steam on social media, and Joel said to Jennie, “You’ve gotta do this story.” And that’s what we did. Only one day after my blog post went live to the world, at the 11pm CH13 evening news broadcast, our #payitforward #feedthekids story was on local television.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

All-in-all, in five actual days of fundraising, seven days in elapsed time, I’ve raised $2,145.83. But it isn’t an “I” Ryan, it’s a “WE”. We’ve raised $2,145.83 (some PayPal fees, trust me, even as a tech guy I don’t know why some have fees and others don’t). So like I said in the video: If we pass the Lakeside balance (and we did), I’ll keep paying off late+delinquent accounts until the money runs out and stops coming in!

So we’re onto our third school. You read that correctly, third. I’ll keep doing this until all of the late/delinquent balances of all of the schools in Indianapolis are paid-in-full if the money keeps coming in.

Lakeside Elementary late and/or delinquent school lunches balance: $1,261.98 – √
Weston Elementary late and/or delinquent school lunches balance: $542.36 – √
Grassy Creek Elementary late and/or delinquent school lunches balance: $727.96Update: We’re only $130.08 short!

Donate here:

Jennie Runevitch, @JennieWTHR, WTHR, Jennie Runevitch from WTHRI’m going to physically walk into Lakeside and Weston elementary schools next week and hand them cash to zero-out all of their late and delinquent accounts.

Why am I doing this? Because it’s the right thing to do. I have an ability to motivate people to action, and then they seem to like following my lead. So why not lead a huge group of friends to one small slice of positive social change? On a Skype call with a new and dear friend Deirdre Breakenridge yesterday, I described it like this: “If I can tip the scales of good news in the world to almost level with the bad news, I’d say that’s a huge deal. I don’t remember a news cycle where the good almost equalled the bad.

There is still plenty you can do? If you don’t have a $1 to give, that doesn’t make you a bad person…Hell, that doesn’t even make you a person that is still incapable of paying it forward. By simply sharing this message, both online and offline, that is more than enough pay it forward equity donated! One school was pretty cool. Two schools awesome. Going after three schools, downright amazing. But why not 10? Let’s see if we can get this story recycled in the news on Monday, and the other local news stations on board. Indianapolis could be the first city in America to have a zero balance on school lunches. Nbd, kbd.


Donate here, any little bit helps! God bless! –>