Ryan Cox, #payitforward, #feedthekidsUPDATE: Grassy Creek is now in the paid column! We’re onto school #4, Anna Brochhausen School 88 – Indianapolis Public Schools. So a lot has happened since April 11th. In under two weeks, we’ve raised $2,889.02. We’ve paid off one school’s entire late/delinquent lunch account balances (Lakeside Elementary, $1,700.00), collected enough to pay off another school’s balance (Weston Elementary, $542.36) and are $81.30 short of paying off school #3 (Grassy Creek Elementary, $727.96). I delivered the check to Lakeside on Monday this week, and WTHR – Channel 13 did a follow-up to the original full coverage they did. It was such a great feeling to be standing there writing a check for $1,700.00 on behalf of all of the amazing people who helped by donating.

Yesterday I went to Lakeside, (because I was picking up and then bringing back Kameron from his doctor’s appointment) and I stopped by the lunchroom to see all of the kids. They recognized me. I have never given so many hugs in my life, and I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t feel amazing. I’m so blessed to have so many friends that helped us pay it forward, I wish each and every one of you could have felt the love from those hugs. I then gave my GURRRRL Latiousha Smith (the cafeteria supervisor) a huge bear hug and almost screamed at her:

“They all eat like kings today!”

#payitforward, #feedthekids, Random Acts of KindnessCheyane Bradley and I are going to drop the check off at Weston tomorrow morning, which will mark two schools as having paid-in-full late/delinquent account balances. I keep saying this, but to my knowledge: they’ll be the only two public schools in America with zeroed out lunch account balances. That is definitely something to be boastful about team #payitforward #feedthekids. And it’s WE not ME that made this happen. I couldn’t have done it without a support system of friends that is second best to NONE.

School #3, Grassy Creek, shouldn’t be too far behind either. As of 10:37am EST this morning, we’re only $81.30 short of having its late/delinquent lunch account balance covered. And like I said on the news, I’ll keep going until the money stops. Not one school, not two, not three, not twenty…

$2,889.02 in 14 days. That is nothing to sneeze at. Holy crap.

I know I’ve shared a lot on social media. I know I’m hogging your feeds with this stuff. But the more I share, the more I talk, the more I keep the momentum going…the more kids it benefits. We’ve been on the local news in (at least) 14 states, CNN’s morning show New Day, AOL’s homepage and plenty I’ve probably missed. So don’t expect me to shut-up anytime soon.

What’s next?

Nick Harrison, Creative Director at Dashal is currently building a website for the next step in #payitforward #feedthekids. We’re building a platform where other people in other states, cities and towns can help lunch programs at the schools that are most near and dear to their heart. Think of it as a GoFundMe for kids lunches. Stay tuned…and thank you team #payitforward #feedthekids!