Contribute to #feedthekids today, a less-fortunate kid gets lunch tomorrow! We're relaunching as a subscription model in 2017! Pay it forward. A step in the right direction is a step worth taking. ... the intersection of digital marketing & #singledad life.


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My marketing-style manifesto…

I don’t think marketing has changed all that much in core values in the last five, ten, twenty, fifty years — but how you can do that stuff has changed. In layman’s terms: the ‘why’ is the same, but you have to be able to adapt to a new ‘how’. The basics still hold true, […]

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Big Thaaaangs Poppin’ | #feedthekids #payitforward

The last 3+ days have been pretty awesome for #FeedTheKids #PayItForward. Feed The Kids, Inc. had lost a lot of steam because I had wained a bunch on my marketing/pr outreach. #ryanfail So on Tuesday morning I tweeted at my friend Dana Benbow. Well then, as they say in the biz, thaaaangs got poppin’!  Let me catch you […]

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4 up 4 down : Brookview’s balance bites the dust

School #4, put it on the board! We just paid off Brookview’s lunch account balance of $1,650.00. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d get Lakeside’s balance paid in-full, let alone add Westfield, Grassy Creek and now Brookview. #PayItForward #FeedTheKids #RAKE alllllllllll over delinquent lunch account’s FACE! The principal was dancing and the […]

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