Feed The Kids, Indiana Fever, #feedthekidsFeed The Kids, Inc. is taking the world by storm! One of the first corporate sponsors to reach out to us was our hometown Indiana Fever. A perennial power in the WNBA, The Fever are the darling child of Indianapolis professional sports. In our first official announcement, The 2012 WNBA Championship Indiana Fever are having a Feed The Kids with the Indiana Fever night on August 16th. Tipoff is at 7:00pm, doors open at 6:00 pm.

Tickets are $17, but listen to EVERYTHING you get for $17:

  • hot dog
  • chips
  • Pepsi product
  • t-shirt
  • shoot a free throw on the court after the game!

#feedthekids, Indiana Fever fundraiser night


The proceeds from each ticket sold will be donated to Feed The Kids, Inc. I’ll be presented with a check by the Indiana Fever at halftime (super cool, right?!)

Here’s how YOU can HELP Feed The Kids: If you’d like to help us get the word out and help make people aware and sell tickets, we will be holding a Feed The Kids Army (#FTKA) meeting on Saturday July 12th at the City Market Downtown Indianapolis at 9am. Juice, donuts and materials will be provided.

So what is the Feed The Kids Army (#FTKA) and why would I want to help?

Great question! The #FTKA is a collection of awesome people that is going to help contact businesses, churches, groups, YMCAs, etc. to get the word out about the Feed the Kids with the Indiana Fever night. That means calls, in-person handouts, anything you can do! Here’s what we’ll do at the meeting:

  • Enjoy donuts, fruit, juice, milk, muffins
  • Give each #FTKA member a specific list of businesses, churches, groups, YMCAs to call/contact/visit
  • Give each #FTKA member marketing materials to hand out
  • Answer any and all questions
  • Take a #FTKA photo and put it on the website

We’re so EXCITED and THANKFUL for the Indiana Fever having a Feed the Kids with the Indiana Fever night! Here’s the info one more time:

Indiana Fever vs. Chicago Sky

August 16th, 2014

Tipoff 7:00pm | Doors Open 6:00pm

P.S. If you haven’t clicked any of the links, you can order your tickets right now here.

This post originally appeared on Feed The Kids, Inc. on June 16th.