Board MeetingI can tell you that in writing this post I did not get a consensus from my ‘inner circle’ that it would be a good idea. I didn’t even get a consensus that it would net anything promising. However, those of you that truly know me and my style, a post like this is completely in line with who I am. I’ve been actively looking for a new job for the past 90 days and I’ve decided that doing a calculated public ask would be a good business decision. Anything less open-book would be unlike me, and this just feels right.

Come August 1st, which is 16 days away, I will be a newly single-parent of two moving to Fishers, transforming my current personal situation into a forever full-time one. Because of that personal transformation, the world of consulting is no longer a sound option for a single income household. Even those who aren’t intimately familiar with consulting know that the highs are very high, but what you don’t see is the low lows and hours upon hours of business development…promising nothing in return.

I’ve had a great run in the consulting world over the last six years. I’ve flown by the seat of my pants, if I’m being honest, but I’ve grown so much as a person and a business professional in the process. I have an entrepreneurial drive at my core, and that unwavering tenacity has proven to be a valuable asset. Harnessing that asset has proven harder than I realized at first, but when you can focus tenacity, I think you have a hand that cannot be beaten.

Fork in the road and choosing your path

I believe every career has forks in the road. Choices that present themselves, mutually exclusive as it were, that will shape the rest of your path toward your goals. My biggest goal is continued success. Continued success is how I define success, because a success that doesn’t have an end is the kind of success I want to strive for. As it were, I’ve come to one of those forks in my career. The first fork has me continuing in the world of consulting as my primary source of income. Frankly, with the recent wins I’ve had: being named one of the top marketing professionals on the rise, starting Feed The Kids and projects with awesome clients like SiliconANGLE and Arcompany — it wouldn’t be a bad path to choose.

However, I’m striving for a bigger goal, remember? And as part of that bigger goal, I think that choosing the path of consultant will cap my successes.

So what is the other path? The other path leads towards the corporate world. There is a void in my resume and experience, and it’s the corporate side of business. All of my success to this point has been consultant-driven, and I think that getting into an established business and gaining the invaluable experience of the ‘bigger fish’ pond is something that will prove to be a great decision.

I’m going to paint a very clear picture, and I’m going to use a friend to do it. 🙂 Joanna Lord has been someone I’ve admired for many years. We have been friends and I’ve followed her career arch for the last five years or so and I like to use her as an example for my scenario. I’ve watched her gain experience and knowledge in a career she is profoundly passionate about. Joanna has been acutely methodical in her process, at least from afar. She throws herself into a business, grows both the business and herself, and then uses that momentum to extend both her personal and professional brands. I admire Joanna very much, and she is a marketing mind I covet.

I use this example because I think it highlights a perfect maturation of my next step. I want to throw myself into a business. I want to grow both the business and myself, and then use that momentum to extend both my personal and professional brand. That is the part of my skillset that needs to be sharpened. I want to prove and achieve successes on the corporate side of the equation. A mentor of mine, Shelly Kramer, has been drilling it into my head for over a year now. I’ll paraphrase, but it sounds almost exactly like this: “Ryan, I think you just need to get into a corporate job and sharpen your skills. I think that is the best step for you professionally.”

Opportunity breakdown

So what kind of job am I looking for?

The honest answer is a job that offers stability. Remember the new single parent, single income part of my equation? I need the backing of a good job (read: salary + benefits) with a realistic offering of “no ceiling”. I’m not just a driven person, I’m an always-in-overdrive person. I want an opportunity I can throw myself at and give 110 percent because the success they’ll receive from my work will mean 3-4x success for me.

Okay, that’s great Ryan, but what type of job, or job title is that?

Mid-level marketing manager (or above). Look, I get that we live in a LinkedIn job title world. I also get that even though my resume shows some very big wins, and will come with extremely favorable recommendations — there is a ‘freelance’ look to it. I was a hired gun for the better part of five years, that’s the truth. But I have experience managing teams both on-premise and digitally, and I have an innate gift of leadership. I’ll be the first to admit to you, here ontheline: I’m not ready for a CMO position. Heck, I’m probably not ready for a (mid-large sized company) VP of Marketing position — but the only thing I’m lacking is corporate experience. I want to get in and get to work, so the ‘mid level’ 4-6 years experience type position is a perfect fit.

What does that position pay?

I’m not going to box myself into any corner. Here is how I will answer that question, though: comparable. I’m looking for a job that offers, as far as ‘pay’ is concerned, comparable rates, full benefits and most importantly, great company culture. I don’t think you can put a price on great company culture.

What kind of time table are you looking at?

City Council on TVI could’ve started yesterday. August 1st is happening, so I’m ready to go the day the right opportunity presents itself.

Here is a link to my resume.
Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile.
Here is a list of references that I’d be HAPPY for you to call.
I’ll meet anyone in person in Indianapolis for coffee, my treat, to discuss opportunities. Put time on my schedule, or email me: coxymoney(at)gmail(dot)com.
I’ll talk to anyone about remote opportunities, my Skype is coxymoney.

This is who I am. This is my style. This is how confident I am in both my past and my future successes. I’m going to be a great dad. I already am. I’m going to be a great marketer. I already am.