2013…daaaayyyyyuuummm,one hell of a roller coaster ride, it was. (#ghettoyodavoice) However, when I take a step back to assess the year, I see that I successfully worked off of the momentum that began at the end of 2012. I want to continue the winning streak. As a matter of fact, I want to accelerate it in 2014. I’m prime in many areas for what Mel Kipper would call a “break out year”, so I’m Peyton-Manning-focused on seeing one or more of those “break outs” come to fruition. My mentor, Mari Luangrath said to me earlier this year, “The hardest part of any progress is activation.” So my 2014 plan, across all goals, can be broken down into: Plan > Activate > Execute. By breaking each goal down into next actionable step to success, anything is not only possible, but probable.

Let’s dance…

Shit’s Personal, B

I’ve broken this down into four categories: Nephews, Me, Giving, and Travel


  1. Let Kameron try judo for 30 days
  2. Help Kevin find a sport he wants to commit to
  3. Read 30 minutes a night with both Kevin and Kameron for the first five months of school (Aug-Dec)
  4. Take Kevin and Kameron to visit grandpa in Florida
  5. Take all three of my nephews to two Indians games
  6. Take the boys to one Colts game
  7. Take the boys to one Pacers game
  8. Buy Kevin an iPad for his birthday
  9. Buy Kameron an iPad for his birthday
  10. Buy Kevin a computer
  11. Buy Kameron something comparable to Kevin’s computer (TBD)
  12. Buy Kevin private lessons for one sport for at least one month
  13. Take all 3 boys to the zoo once
  14. Let both Kevin and Kameron paint their room
  15. Have Elijah over once a month for an entire weekend with his brothers
  16. Change Kevin’s middle and last name legally
  17. Start Kevin and Kameron with a pen pal overseas


  1. Lose 80 lbs
  2. Go on 10 dates or start dating someone all ‘Facebook official’ like
  3. Finish two books a month with a minimum of 24 for the year
  4. Enter another study on brain injuries
  5. Play indoor for two winter sessions Team #GirlTouch
  6. Play outdoor for one summer session #TeamOnyewu
  7. Casually help coach the WC girls soccer team in the fall
  8. Build active site for @skypecoffee
  9. Build Basketpong prototype and sell on website
  10. Send a birthday card to everyone in my extended family and not miss anyone’s birthday
  11. Send a “boys update” to the family at the end of each quarter
  12. Send a Christmas card from the “Boyz”
  13. Go to two IU basketball games
  14. Go to one Colts game
  15. Go to five Pacers game
  16. Reactivate Realtor License
  17. Buy my first house in Fishers


  1. Donate 200 total hours to charity (recommendations welcome!)
  2. Adopt 4 families for Christmas
  3. Buy Momma Cox a one year gym membership with personal trainer at LA Fitness
  4. Fix the hole in Mom’s room


  1. Drive to Gas City and visit Granna Pat and Perlann 4 times
  2. Visit Grandpa Jim and Matey in Florida
  3. Visit Evet in SJ
  4. Visit McKenna in SF
  5. Visit Kianne SD
  6. Visit Karter & Klayton in Bloomington
  7. Take a weekend trip to Vegas, my first time ever in Vegas

Here is everyone I want to meet on a “Shit’s Personal, B” basis. They are all-around cool people who I want to just meet and high-five. There are also some people on this list who have been there for me through a lot of ups and downs and are people I’d take a bullet for. Either/or, they make the list. (Alphabetical order)

    Lena Abbasi, Lauren Nicole Armstrong, Krystyl “kbizzle” Baldwin, Shanise Coatney, Shannon Holato, Kim Hong, Kriselle Laran, Cait Morth, Keith Pape, Yvette Pistorio, Kristen Ruby, Evelyn Rusli, Nina Tekwani, Pablo S. Torre, Carol Tran


Success in 2014, Success

  1. Hit 6-months at a full-time job that is salaried with full benefits
  2. I’m coming off of a contract I didn’t expect to end, but it might be a blessing in disguise. That isn’t just rhetoric, as I truly believe it. I’m at an impasse in my career where the next step is a very big, crucial step. To get out of the consultant-first world, one I’ve been in since 2008, I need to find a good fit in a medium sized company (20-50 people, $1-20M market cap) where I can see myself long-term. Long-term for me is five years. I want to settle into something that is rooted in a great and open company culture.

    I don’t mind following direction, but I want to have a clear line of sight to advancement, as well as an open-door policy with my superiors. I am willing to give up the ceiling on earned-income of consulting and trade that for the stability of salary + benefits of a sound, growing company.

    I see marketing differently, as equal part relationship-building and follow-through, a data-driven solution. A great marketer can both build the relationships and analyze the data on the follow-through to prove what he/she is doing is working. I see data-driven marketing as being defined by three key areas: social data, social business intelligence, and relationship marketing.

    I’m always learning, extremely hardworking, and am happy to prove myself for an opportunity. I’m spending December and January ramping up my list of companies I’d love to work for, reaching out to my important business mentors, friends, influencers — and creating an overall plan. If you know of an opportunity you think would be a good fit, please pass it along.

  3. Author 100 pieces of content
  4. Edit: I changed this to read author 100 pieces of content, not specific to just guest blog posts. This is a carryover goal from last year. Creating content that is well-researched, timely, and drives subject matter expertise is a huge goal for 2014. That subject matter expertise is loosely Marketing, more defined Data-Driven Marketing. I am fortunate to have an opportunity (as of writing this) to blog on some very big platforms: SiliconANGLE, V3 Integrated Marketing, MarketingTechBlog, TheCommunityManager, EverythingPR, KristenNicole.com, and of course, theryancox.com. In 2014, I will create at least 100 pieces of content across my wide net of marketing-focused blogging platforms.

  5. Hit my calendar year goal for total gross income
  6. This goal is pretty cut and paste. I would like to hit my goal, which I am keeping private, of my highest total gross income for a full calendar year. I am one who doesn’t mind talking about money, hell, asking about it for that matter, but it is not proper etiquette, so I will keep that private. HOWEVER, I will be honest in if I hit my goal or not.

  7. Have full health coverage for at least six months
  8. Because of Obamacare and its futility, let’s hope that I secure that full-time job in Q1 of 2014.

  9. Do at least two projects with Jay Baer and Convince & Convert
  10. I see Jay as a super-intelligent and equally savvy marketer, and would welcome the opportunity to do some work together. He is local to Indiana and is someone who invests in people by giving them opportunities to grow+work together. I admire him very much.

  11. Do at least two projects with Shelly Kramer and V3im
  12. Shelly continues to be a ‘Best in Bread’ marketer, and she has been someone who has personally been in my corner for over four years. She gives it to me straight, and is someone who I look forward to impressing in 2014. I am a sponge around her; I’d recommend you follow suit.

  13. Relaunch the new theryancox.com (built by Patrick Dow)
  14. This is something I’ve managed to “not do” for two years, but this year it is getting done. It’s going to be sweet too.

  15. Hit my 1 year mark of part-time at SiliconANGLE (on April 19th)
  16. I have a new title in 2014 as the Feature Articles Editor, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looked at to have a very strong (but educated) opinion, and to not mince words when analyzing interviews with any of the C level executives who we interview on theCUBE. I also help manage some of our editorial assets that help set SiliconANGLE, theCUBE and CrowdChat above the rest.

  17. Attend SXSW (Austin, TX March 6-11)
  18. Attend Social Media Marketing World (San Diego, CA March 26-28)
  19. Attend Authority Intensive (Denver, CO May 7-9)
  20. Attend Content Marketing world (Cleveland, OH September 8-11)
  21. Attend B2B Marketing Forum (Boston, MA October 8-10)

Here is everyone I want to meet in person on a “Pro-FRESH-onal” basis. They have had a positive effect on my professional career to this point, whether they realize it or not. It addition to that, they have the distinct honor of being someone I respect, and/or are someone I consider dear friends, and/or someone I consider to be extremely intelligent + talented + awesome who I’d do well to put a face to a @handle…all of whom I’ve never met in person. (Alphabetical order)

    Tadji Akhavan, Michael Arrington, Lisa Nicole Bell, Megan Berry, Deirdre Breakenridge, Danny Brown, Shonali Burke, Heather Carson, Gini Dietrich, Andrew Dumont, Sarah Evans, Jennifer Gosse, Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb, Ann Handley, Marco Hansel, Anastasia Hilinsky, Jacqueline Jensen, Hessie Jones, Shelly Kramer, Sarah Lacy, Geoff Livingston, Joanna Lord, Dan Martell, Stacey “Ace” Miller, Jeff Nolan, Xan Pearson, John Ramey, Ted Rubin, Liza Sperling, Annie Tsai, Zena Weist, Heather Whaling, Stephanie Wonderlin

So there you have it. My 2014 Personal + Professional Goals for 2014. By making it public, I’m 100 percent accountable for each and every one of them. Here’s to making 2014 the best year yet. A personal and huge thank you to Jenna Brewer of TheJennaBee.com for being my editor again this year. Thanks Jenna!