Twitter, Twitter follow, twitter follow buttonI tend to claim things I do as being ‘clever’. Well, this was pretty damn clever. I was moving my cousin Karter’s first LP from his group The Shotgun Genome – More Art Than Science to my Dropbox, and I saw this in my music folder. My homie Kareem aka @DJKayEll put this together for me. I sent it to my friend Shannon as a Christmas present two years ago. Shannon is marketing friend I ‘met’ like six years ago because of social media. She’s wicked smart and I really wish she’d start doing stand-up comedy too. Shannon has been a really good friend of mine for years. I trust her big time, and she’s someone I definitely want to make proud by everything I do both personally and professionally. Oh, and I’ve never met her in person…yet. Isn’t the world wide web cool?


Anyways, she had no idea. Have you ever made a song for a lady friend? I have. #stepyogameup

In the words of the great Cam’Ron…. #imacleverguy